Paul Poirier

Paul Poirier
Company Name:
Earthway Family Chiropractic
Postal Address:
812 Pitt Street, Suite 37
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K6J 5R4
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Dr. Paul Poirier is the owner/operator of Earthway Family Chiropractic.

Although he's lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Ottawa and Montreal, at the end of the day came back to the best city to raise a family...his home town of Cornwall!

Dr. Poirier has been practicing chiropractic for almost 11 years in Montreal but has recently been offered the opportunity to purchase a clinic he worked at back home. He brings with him the latest advances in the field of chiropractic which includes a technique (in fact the only technique) truly recognized by the scientific community that has been peer reviewed and published in index medicus many times over.

Today's 21st century society expects nothing less than than the most scientifically valid methods of chiropractic heathcare. The Chiropractic Biophysics technique delivers what the public wants.

The clinic's name is Earthway Family Chiropractic and Dr. Poirier will also continue to offer the original "Thompson" technique that has been offered to its patrons for the last 20 years.

For those who want to learn what else is available to them, Dr. Poirier will explain the benefits of postural restoration through the biophysics protocol of care. Please come and visit us at our website ( as we've created a flash player video for people to better understand what Chiropractic Biophysics entails.

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